BSTF – Bangladesh Sweden Trust Fund Scholarship – Apply Now! 2023-24

Bangladesh Sweden Trust Fund Scholarship (BSTF) was established in order to financially aid the nation’s students to study abroad and develop the nation’s human resources and other sectors of their economy.

About Bangladesh Sweden Trust Fund Scholarship

Established in 1984 with funding from the Swedish International Development Agency, the Bangladesh-Sweden Trust Fund (BSTF) (SIDA). Bangladeshi students studying abroad are given a one-way travel subsidy in order to improve human resources in their home country. A 12-person committee, with representatives from the public and commercial sectors, oversees the BSTF’s operations. The committee is led by the Secretary of the Economic Relations Division.


Deadline and opening dates

  1. By April 30, 11:59 p.m. Bangladesh time, the application must be turned in.
  2. Successful applicants will get email notifications of their rewards on or before May 31 after their submissions have been evaluated and chosen.
  3. By June 30, the award will be wired to the chosen applicant’s bank account.

6 thoughts on “BSTF – Bangladesh Sweden Trust Fund Scholarship – Apply Now! 2023-24”

  1. Md Shahjahan Mahmud

    I have come to know about the Bangladesh-Sweden Trust fund scholarship. After searching in the website, I don’t find any option to open an account and apply for this. Has the scholarship application process been started yet for 2023-24?

  2. I tried several times to upload my documents but i think there has a problem, every time showing image failed to upload.Is there has any fixed resolution or anything else, for fixing this problem? I requested to admin please help me for fixing.

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