Apply for Ed Bitz Scholarship Program 2023/2024 in Canada

Ed Bitz Scholarship is for students enlisted with Softball Canada and who are joining the first, second year or next year of a post-secondary academic institution are qualified for this scholarship.

Yearly, Softball Canada celebrates different members of the softball community who have donated to the growth and promotion of the sport. These people are acknowledged during the Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet during the Softball Canada Annual general meeting and Congress.

The scholarship is supported by Voluntary grants from Blue Convention educators (Convention Registration Fee), fundraising at the Blue Convention, and other assistance.


Ed Bitz Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

  1. The applicant must be an Umpire associate who is registered with Softball Canada and who is joining the first, second year, or next year of a post-secondary academic institution and is qualified for this scholarship. The applicant must be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Citizen. For those who partake in sports and have a spirit of determination despite dealing with trouble.
  2. The applicant must be a member in excellent with their Provincial/Territorial Association.
  3. Applicants must be joining the first, second, or next year of an undergraduate program in a Canadian or global post-secondary educational establishment.
  4. The award benefactors will be announced in July. In Blue Convention years, the notification will take place at the Blue Convention Awards Dinner. In the years when the Blue Convention does not hold, the benefactor will be declared at the Softball Canada Congress.

How to Apply for Ed Bitz Scholarship 2024

The Officiating Development Committee will determine the Ed Bitz Scholarship benefactors(s). Upon selection, and prior to final acceptance by the Board, the benefactors’ local or territorial association (President, Executive Director, or other selected senior staff member) shall be conferred to verify the selected benefactor is a member in excellent and confirm Provincial/Territorial help for the selection. The persons nominated for the Ed Bitz Scholarship are then presented to the Softball Canada Board for final acceptance.

Deadline and Opening Date 2024

A call for nominations will be mailed out by Softball Canada in the January to mid-February period. All nominations must be accepted by Softball Canada (Softball Canada Manager of Officiating) no later than April 30.

Only applications on the Ed Bitz Scholarship application form attended by the needed letters of support and received by the deadline will be deemed.

Scholarship Amount

1,000 dollars scholarship will be granted. NB: The scholarship will be delivered in September upon presentation of evidence of registration for the first, second, or next year at the post-secondary institution mentioned in the recipient’s application. The benefactor may adjust institutions from the one mentioned in his/her application at any period before or after the granting of the scholarship, delivering notification of the ODC.

Selection Process

The Ed Bitz Scholarship winner will be chosen by the Officiating Development Committee (s).

Before the final approval by the Board, the President, Executive Director, or other senior staff member of the recipient’s provincial or territorial association will be contacted to make sure the selected recipient is a member in good standing and to confirm that the P/T supports the selection.

The name(s) of the Ed Bitz Scholarship winner(s) are then sent to the Softball Canada Board for final approval.

In July, the winner of the award will be told. During years with a Blue Convention, the news will be made at the Blue Convention Awards Dinner. In years when there is no Blue Convention, the winner will be announced at the Softball Canada Congress.

Payment of scholarship Funds

The scholarship will be paid out in September, as long as the student can show proof of enrollment for the first, second, or third year at the post-secondary school they applied to.

The applicant or scholarship winner can change schools from the ones listed in his or her application at any time before or after the scholarship is given, as long as the ODC is told.

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