Canon Scholarship Japan 2023-24 – Apply Now!

Canon Scholarship Japan is available to European and Japanese citizens. Europeans must want to do their study in Japan and the Japanese must want to do their study in Europe.

About The Canon Scholarship

Every year, the Canon Scholarship in Europe offers up to 15 Fellowships to fully eligible European and Japanese researchers.

Europeans are likely to seek a period of research in Japan while Japanese researchers are expected to do their research in Europe. Canon scholarships are for the least period of 3 months up to a maximum of 12 months.

The Canon Scholarship Japan supports all disciplines of research. There are no limitations or restrictions. All applicants do not have to be presently registered or employed at the time of the application.

Canon Fellows from Europe are expected to select their desired host institutes and hosts in Japan. The same expectation is given to Japanese Canon Fellows coming to Europe. Canon scholarship may be applied when compliance with cooperation and a research idea has been actualized between the guest researcher and the expected host institution.


Eligibility and Requirements

All Europeans are qualified to apply (including England, Israel, Turkey, Balkan Peninsula, and Baltic countries).

All applicants should have gained either a Master’s or Ph.D. degree within the last ten years of applying to the Canon Scholarship. They will also analyze candidates who gained their qualifications more than ten years ago as long as they show further encouraging information in their application.

Please note that arrangement is given to applicants going to Japan and Europe for the first time.

Deadline and opening dates

The deadline for the Canon Scholarship Japan application will be 15 September 2023 for applications beginning between January and December 2024.

The Selection Committee’s judgment will be emailed to all applicants by mid-December 2023.

Canon Scholarship Japan Amount

The financial aid for Canon Scholarship Japan ranges from 22,500 euros to 27,500 Euros per academic year and is pro-rata for different times.

How To Apply for Canon Scholarship Japan

Applications for Canon Scholarship can also be presented by representatives of commercial, governmental, professional, or industrial organizations.

Applications should be done via Canon Scholarship official website online application form. After enrolling, you will be directed to the application form.

Please check here for the list of required documents that need to be added before your application can be submitted.

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