Learn Arithmetic on Fractions: Simple Steps

Learn Arithmetic on Fractions

Not everyone is perfect at mathematics. And this is why those who are not good in this subject might feel difficulty in resolving fractions. Although fractions are a very basic subject in maths, their importance can not be ignored. If you do not understand fractions, you will never be able to master complicated mathematical problems.

Resolving fractions is no longer a complicated task. The reason is the development of a fraction calculator online that helps you get step-by-step solutions to simplify a pair of fractions. Whether you are looking to add, subtract, multiply, or divide fractions, the tool does that accurately and in less than a second.

How To Do Fractions?

Resolving fractions manually becomes easy if you follow these points:

Determine Greatest Common Divisor:

The first step is to determine the GCD of the numerator and denominator. The greatest common factor is the number that perfectly divides both the numerator and denominator and results in a new whole number.

Divide Numerator by Denominator:

The step is the same as mentioned above. Once you divide the fraction with the GCD, you will get the most simplified form of the fraction.


Suppose you have the fraction as 45/60

Find the factors of both these numbers to get GCD:

  • For 45: 1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 45
  • For 60: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 60

Now, look for the largest numbers in the factors. In our case, it is 15, so divide both the numerator and the denominator with this number.

  • 45/15 = 3
  • 60/15 = 4

The simplified fraction is:

  • 45/60 = ¾

Recheck For Further Simplification:

After you are done with the GCD division, check if the resultant fraction can be simplified. If yes, then go for it.

Find the GCD with These Helpful Hints!

  • You can list the factors if the numbers are very small
  • You can calculate greater numbers by using the Euclidean algorithm
  • If a prime integer appears in either the numerator or the denominator, but not in both places, this typically implies that the fraction cannot be simplified any further
  • A fraction calculator or a prime factorization method are two additional options available to you

How To Use Fractions Calculator?

You can just use any fractions tool available on the internet to simplify your fractions. A comprehensive guide will assist you in using it which is as follows:

  • Enter the numerator and denominator of the fractions
  • Select the operator 
  • Tap Calculate


The advanced fraction calculator gives you the following results in a blink of an eye:

  • Accurate simplified fraction
  • Step by step calculations that help you understand how the result is determined
  • You can share the results with your mates or download the file for later study purposes

Related Faqs:

What Does Fraction Simplification Mean?

As mentioned above, reducing a fraction is equivalent to getting the lowest possible form of it. And the fraction calculator can help you do that in seconds. It runs its advanced algorithms to apply accurate calculation strategies on the fractions to give you the desired result.

Enlist a Few Ways To Determine GCD

  • Listing factors
  • Euclidean algorithms
  • Using a fraction calculator
  • Prime factorization

Last Words

Expressions of numbers can be made clearer and more accurate by reducing the number of steps required to calculate them through the use of fractions. The mastery of this procedure is helpful in a wide variety of mathematical operations and serves as a foundational building block for manipulating algebraic expressions and solving complex problems.

The ability to explain fractions in their reduced form is not only a procedural talent, it is an essential component of mathematical fluency that emphasizes efficiency and elegance in the transmission of mathematical concepts.

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