The scholarship partners Canada offers scholarship management services to individuals, organizations and government in Canada.

The head office of Scholarship Partners Canada by Universities Canada is in Ottawa, which is in Ontario. Scholarship Partners Canada by Universities Canada is in  Tertiary Education sector. Register on scholarshippartners if you want to connect with an employee of Scholarships Partners Canada by Universities Canada.

Scholarships Partners Canada by Universities Canada has been the leading Canadian scholarship provider in the field of scholarship management for more than fifty years. They offer scholarship services that can’t be beat. The  unique educational expertise and tried-and-true methods allow scholarshippartners to design, implement, and manage scholarships that are perfect for each student.

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Scholarship Partners… industries Tertiary Education
Headquarters Location
Scholarship Partners… Employees Size 100-200 employees
Specialties Scholarships, Scholarship Management, Post-Secondary, Canadian Education

How scholarship Partners Canada works

With univcan unique educational expertise and tried-and-true methods, they help corporations, governments, and not-for-profit organizations design, implement, and manage scholarships that fit their needs.

Scholarships Partners Canada has set up service standards to make sure that the scholarship programs are run in a consistent and reliable way. Univcan team:

  • provides a way for award winners to be chosen in a way that is fair and based on facts.
  • responds to all requests for information about the scholarship program or the applicant’s file within two business days and notifies the applicant that their application has been received; and
  • makes sure that all programs are honest and fair.

The date that the application, renewal, and/or supporting documents are received will be followed to the letter, and a detailed tracking system will be used to keep track of them. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is followed to the letter by Scholarship Partners Canada (PIPEDA). Scholarship Partners Canada knows a lot about how privacy laws affect scholarship services because they have done a lot of research and trained their staff. For more information, please look at Universities Canada’s privacy policy.

What are your Benefits

  • Univcan Scholarship Sponsor Portal gives you real-time access to information about your program, like how many people have applied and how much money is left in the scholarship fund.
  • With their all-around approach, we can almost completely take care of your administrative work, so you can focus on your core business.
  • Their years of experience make sure that the selection process is fair and unbiased, and that the program runs smoothly and reliably.
  • Applicants who are students can use the Student Portal to fill out an application, check the status of their documents or payments, and see and do any other tasks that our team has given them.
  • Personal service, including an experienced program assistant, a dedicated program officer, and help from our specialized IT and Finance groups.


How to Apply for a Scholarship at Scholarship Partners Canada

Log in with your email address and password to apply for a scholarship and get to your online account. To look for scholarships, you need to create a user profile by signing up below.

Scholarship Value

Families are becoming more aware of the benefits of higher education as society’s need for it grows. Company scholarship programs for their children are more important than ever to employees.

Scholarship programs have helped many of the world’s most important organizations to:

  • Improve the loyalty, morale, and retention of employees.
  • Develop and strengthen the connections between the company and the community.
  • Expert third-party services can help cut down on internal paperwork.
  • Champion fields of study were in line with the goals of the organization.

scholarship partners Canada phone number

 Looking for help with your scholarship application? Email or Call univcan @1-844-567-1237

Scholarships Partners Canada Login

To access your account on the partners platform:

  • Visit the website login page
  • Enter your email and password
  • Click on Login. You are logged in immediately
  • If you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot password?” button to recover it

scholarship partners canada

Application Portal

This web-page is for students who want to apply for a scholarship (recipients). Click on the link below to begin your application.


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