Red Thread Scholarship Application 2024 for Women in USA

Are you looking for the best scholarship program for women 2024 in the USA? Here is an opportunity for you. The Red Thread scholarship Foundation is offering scholarships to all eligible women. Go through this article, learn all the scholarship the eligible requirements and how to apply for it.

Description of The Red Thread Fellowship for women

The Red Thread Scholarship Foundation is a scholarship program meant for all qualified women of all nationalities who wish to pursue their academic goals in the the United States. The program is designed to assist women who, due to financial incapability, were unable to further their academic pursuit. It is open to all female students all over the world.

The Red Thread Fellowship for women consists of two parts which are:

  • $1,000 scholarship award and year-long mentorship support
  • The second award is to be disbursed as funds are available.

The award is designed to help offset the cost of living, books and tuition fee. There is also an opportunity for scholars to embark on a year-long mentorship support with Associates. They’ll be sharing in the Associates’ experiences, special skills and and global network. All are geared towards assisting the scholars achieve their goals.

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Red Thread Fellowship Eligibility – Requirements

For you to be qualified to apply for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • An applicant must be a woman of an international background, including foreign students, immigrants, or first-generation American
  • Applicant must be a first-year entrants to a U.S. college or university program in Fall
  • No GPA required
  • No U.S. residency requirements. This means that it is not compulsory for applicant to reside in the United States
  • The application must contain:
    • Essay
    • Interview
    • Recommendation letter
    • Application form
    • Personal statement

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Scholarship Details: Red Thread scholarship program

Red Thread Scholarship Amount: The scholarship award is worth $1,000 and a year-long mentorship support for scholars.

Is the scholarship renewable: No the Red Thread Scholarship Foundation for women is not renewable.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Deadline for this scholarship is 8th February, 2024.

How do I apply for and win Red Thread scholarship Foundation 2024

If you are still wondering how to go about this scholarship, let me show you how to apply and win the Red Thread scholarship for women. Let’s get started.

1. Research on the scholarship info

Before you apply for the Red Thread Scholarships, you need to research extensively on the scholarship so that you’ll know the things which are obtainable.

First, you have to research on the scholarship worth, ratings, location, universities or colleges, etc which may interest you. You do not have to wait till the application begins before you week these information.

The Red Thread Foundation has a detailed information about how their scholarship works and the people who are eligible to apply.

Moreso, the research will help note the important documents or requirements and also get them ready before the application process.

2. Write an article about the scholarship

Before you begin the application process, prepare a nice article ahead of time, telling the scholarship host what inspired him to apply for scholarship and what he has in mind to achieve with the scholarship.

In your article, include a detailed example of where you took any bold step (if any) of leadership. The Red Thread scholarship program is for women who have taken bold step leadership in life.

It is also expected of you to write how the scholarship objective affected you (if any) and to commend initiators of such objectives.

The essence of the article is to help convince the scholarship awardees that you do not need the scholarship only for ideology but also the courage to act upon it.

As you write your article, use Title: Red Thread Scholarship Application Article?

3. Take some scholarship tests

At this stage, you gather as many possible information as possible from the university’s financial aid office and also take some tests available to them.

In case you want to prepare for college entrance examination, especially if you want to study Courses that require standard examination such STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Business, this period is the best time to get yourself ready for this examinations.

The SAT admissions test is taken by students who want to study in colleges in the United States. However, it does not need to be taken before high school graduation.

4. Create an Online Application Video

At this point, you have to make a clear video of your application in response to RedThreadScholarship’s email. You can also share it with the scholarship host through Google drive.

Do not forget to keep and attach all media, PDF and text files created for the Red Thread Scholarship Program to your application while submitting. Also, share a detailed step of how you work with RedThreadScholarship team and submit it to the hosts during submission exercise.

Your application will be reviewed by the online interview panel and response sent to you. Note that you will take part in the interview. Medium of interview is Skype or telephone conference call and it take 10-15 minutes.

Submit your application

After you have written your application and also created the video, next is to submit and wait for your result.

Once you are among the scholarship, RedThreadScholarship will contact you through an email or phone call informing of the success in your application. They will also put your through the next action to take in order to maintain your award.

If no program is available in your area, you will also be contacted through email or phone call giving you instructions on the next steps to take.

Application link/Portal

To start your application, visit

Conclusion: Red Thread Scholarship Foundation

To enhance your chances of winning the Red Thread Scholarship scheme, ensure you read and follow the application instructions. Instructions have lots of effects on your application. In your articles and video ensure you follow the format.

Go through your application, ensure there are no gaps where information are missing. Correct all spellings and make sure you use the APA style consistently throughout your post.

After all these, wait patiently for response and stay positive.

I hope this article was helpful. Share your thoughts with us below.

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