Mapua University Tuition Fees 2024/2025 | Is it an expensive school?

Mapua University Tuition Fees

If you’re considering Mapúa for your academic journey, you’ve likely wondered about the tuition fees, admission costs, and overall affordability. This comprehensive guide will delve into all these aspects, ensuring you have a clear understanding of Mapua University Tuition Fees 2024/2025 and other things to expect when it comes to the cost of education at Mapúa University.

How Much is the Tuition Fee in Mapúa per emester?

For undergraduate programs, tuition fees at Mapúa typically range from PHP90,000 to PHP110,000 per semester.

The tuition rate at Mapua University for master’s degree students is between PHP44,000 and PHP92,000 each year. Doctoral students pay between 65,000 and 74,000 PHP for the full program.

How Much is the Tuition Fee in Mapúa per Year

Mapúa University undergraduate tuition and fees falls at the range of 130,000 and 195,000 PHP per year.

NOTE: Engineering and information technology programs may have slightly higher fees due to the specialized nature of these fields. Graduate programs, on the other hand, may have varying fees, so it’s best to inquire about your specific program of interest.

How Much is Mapúa Admission Fee?

Aside from tuition fees, prospective students need to consider the admission fee. The admission fee at Mapúa University usually amounts to PHP2,500 to PHP3,000. This fee covers the processing of your application and evaluation of your credentials.

 Is Mapúa an expensive school?

The perception of whether a university is expensive or not can vary from person to person. Mapúa University is considered one of the top institutions for engineering, architecture, and information technology in the Philippines. While its tuition fees may appear higher than those of some other universities, it’s important to consider the quality of education, the reputation of the institution, and the potential return on investment.

In the grand scheme of things, the cost of education at Mapúa is in line with the quality of education you’ll receive and the opportunities that can open up after graduation. It’s also worth noting that Mapúa University offers various scholarship and financial aid programs to help students manage their education costs.

Do You Pay Tuition Every Year or Semester?

Mapúa University operates on a semester system, so tuition fees are typically paid on a per-semester basis. This means that you’ll have to budget for tuition fees twice a year, at the beginning of each semester. This system allows students to manage their finances more efficiently and helps with planning for the academic year.

Additionally, Mapúa offers flexible payment options, including installment plans, to ease the financial burden on students and their families. This flexibility ensures that students have options for managing their education costs.


In conclusion, understanding the tuition fees and related costs at Mapúa University is essential when considering this prestigious institution for your higher education journey. While it may appear that the fees are on the higher side, it’s crucial to weigh the investment against the quality of education, opportunities, and potential future earnings. Mapúa’s commitment to providing scholarships and flexible payment options also helps make quality education accessible to a broader range of students.

Remember that Mapua University Tuition Fees can change over time, so always verify the most up-to-date information from Mapúa University’s official sources or by contacting this website for updated posts.

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