Hoshizakiicemaker Stem Scholarship Application 2024 in USA

Are you a science, technology, engineering or math student? The hoshizakiicemaker stem scholarship opportunity is for you. All students who meet the eligibilty requirements as listed below can apply for this scholarship program.

What is Hoshizakiicemaker STEM Scholarship All About?

HoshizakiIceMaker.com, hosted by B & G Refrigeration in Jacksonville, FL, presents a yearly scholarship for the spring and fall semester to encourage students participating in science, technology, engineering, and math oriented fields of study. The scholarship encourages students to pursue these areas of study in order to develop college graduates who are equipped to work in disciplines that strengthen the economy and complement the business industry.

HoshizakiIceMaker believes that populating STEM employment with brilliant young professionals is a crucial aspect in guaranteeing the long-term prosperity of America’s economy. They are a member of the STEM coalition, and believe that society should enhance the way that students learn science, mathematics, technology, and engineering. We believe that the business, education, and STEM communities must work together to achieve this aim.

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Scholarship Value/worth

A single award of $1,000, split evenly between fall and spring semester, will be sent to the financial aid office of the winning applicant’s academic institution where money will be disbursed. The awarded monies may be utilized for any school-related cost at the recipient’s choice.

  • Deadline for this year’s Hoshizakiicemaker STEM scholarship submission is June 30, 2024
  • The winner will be announced in late July

Eligible Fields of Study

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

Eligibility Requirements for the Supporting STEM Scholarship

To qualify the the STEM scholarship, an applicant must:

  1. · Be an undergraduate college student or high school senior
  2. · Have a cumulative minimum of 3.0 GPA
  3. · Maintain full-time enrollment of 12 credit hours or more per college term
  4. · Be a declared major in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematic branch of study
  5. Demonstrate love for STEM subjects, excellent moral integrity, and leadership abilities
  6. Reside in the U.S. attend a U.S. institution, and be officially declared as a U.S. citizen

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Necessary Documents for Supporting STEM Scholarship

For College Students:

  •  Proof of enrollment in a four-year accredited university:
    •  Examples includes:
      •  Current and/or future class schedule
      •  Proof of enrollment document
      •  Enrollment verification
      •  Acceptance letter
  •  College transcripts

For High School Seniors:

  •  Current high school transcript
  •  Four year accredited university acceptance letter

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Application Instructions – Guideline

Before I show you how to apply for the HoshizakiIceMaker.com scholarship, it is important to take a look at the application instructions. This contains the format of your application. Please read carefully and follow the instructions outlined. Failure to do so results to automatic disqualification. 

Short answer questions: it is recommended that you write your answers with long responses in a separate word document. You can then copy and paste into the answer boxes when you are finished.
All relevant papers should be in these file formats only;

Microsoft Word

  • PDF
  • JPG
  • PNG

All parts of the application must be completed in order to submit. Missing fields will be immediately discarded.

Student information is totally confidential, and will not be utilized in any way except for:

  • Evaluating the students for the award
  • Confirming we received the application
  • Contacting the winning recipient
  • Use of image for social media and other media related interests

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How to Apply for STEM Support Scholarship

  • First, visit the scholarship application web page (check the link below)
  • Fill in the form with the correct details. Note that all fields marked with (*) are compulsory for you to fill in.
  • The scholarship form is of 3 parts which include:
    • Contact Information: Under here you provide the following:
      • Full name
      • Email
      • Telephone
    • College Status & Credentials
    • Work Status
    • Volunteer Status

Visit the application to see all detail and documents which you must upload.

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Scholarship Application Portal – Link

Click on the link below to access the STEM online scholarship application form. It is free.

Apply Now

Contact Info

If you have any question or inquiry, do well to reach out to the STEP Support team for assistance using any of the following contact details

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