The Got a Spine Scholarship is a yearly award supported by Arctic Chiropractic Fairbanks in Canada. The awarding body gives the scholarship as a way to raise the attention of chiropractic care.

About Got A Spine Scholarship

Arctic Chiropractic, their purpose is to support and enhance the spinal health of every patient, while enlightening society and each patient about the advantages associated with chiropractic care. People create back pain for a variety of motives and it is our plan to enlighten as many people as possible on ways to bypass developing chronic back issues.

So far, there have been 7 awardees coming from different locations ranging from Alberta to Indiana. Their areas of study are just as various ranging from speech pathology to illegal justice.
Applicants will be assessed on the quality and thoroughness of their investigation. Creativity and well-written essays will get precedence.
How to Apply
Click HERE to go to the official website/Application form.

To Apply: Fill out all of the areas below and press submit. If you have any queries, please reach the Scholarship Administrator at

Applicants will be needed to write 1000 words on the following topics.

1) What are 3 typical ways people develop back problems?

2) What are 3 methods that you can guarantee that you do not encounter chronic back pain in the future?

3) What are 3 methods chiropractors use when ministering back pain?

And a 250-word essay why do you feel that you earn the Scholarship?

Eligibility Requirements for Got A Spine Scholarship 2024

To be qualified for the Arctic Chiropractic the Got a Spine Scholarship a applicants must:

  • All applicants must be attending college or university no later than October of 2024.
  • All applicants must be attending college or university full-time by October of 2024.
  • All applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or more outstanding during their last academic year.
  • All applicants must be U.S. or Canadian residents.
  • All applicants must be attending a school in the U.S. or Canada by October of 2024.
  • All applicants must submit answers to the essay questions no later than 11:59 PM EST on the deadline day.

NB: you can be registered in any area of study.


Scholarship Amount

The total dollars awarded for the Got A Spine Scholarship is $500.

The 500 dollars award is given to one student per year. The benefactors are citizens of the U.S. or Canada. The award will help cover university or college costs for the first fall semester.

Deadline and Opening Dates

The deadline for the Got A Spine Scholarship is Tuesday, May 2, 2024. Kindly note that the online application opens in January 2023.

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