Study Abroad Tip: Sure Ways to Get Scholarship and Study Outside

Have you ever wished to study outside the sores of your country? Have you attempted severally to travel abroad as a student or are you still making preparations for it?

Studying abroad, especially as a student is everybody’s wish. No one won’t like to go abroad on free (fully funded) scholarship.

Studying abroad on free scholarship does not come on its own. There are things or requirements which you need to fulfill before getting there. In this article, I will share with you the sure things which you need to do in order to be an international student under free scholarship.

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Scholarships are divided into two which are:

  • Fully funded scholarships: These involve studying for free without being involved in your sponsorship financially. In other words, your scholarship funding is taken care of by the scholarship offeror.
  • Partial scholarships: These kind of scholarships require that you pay a part of your scholarship bills while the offeror pays the rest.

NOTE: This post is for those who are seeking to study abroad under scholarship and not for those who are seeking students visa to study abroad in their capacity. However, if you are seeking to get students visa, we can be of help to you.

8 Fast Tips to help you Gain Scholarship Outside your Country

1. Research for an opportunity

Information is power! If you are without information, you are bound to be left behind.

There are so many advertisements on Facebook, Google search, Newspapers, Billboards and Magazines concerning scholarship opportunities. Most of them advertise fully funded scholarships to study abroad.

Some firms, companies and educational institutions host scholarship programs for different categories of persons. Sometimes, the scholarships are hosted by individuals who delight in helping students who desire and qualify to study in a foreign country. In order to create awareness to the public, they use platforms like social media, newspapers or websites to advertise them.

These advertisements are meant to create awareness to the public, especially the qualified persons, to make applications for such opportunities. Therefore, find and follow scholarship pages on social media and other platforms.

2. Use Scholarship finders

Some platforms are dedicated to finding and updating their pages on the most recent and ongoing scholarship opportunities. You cannot afford to miss what they offer!

On those platforms, you see virtually every type of scholarship such as scholarships for Maters holders, PhD, undergraduates, no essay scholarships, scholarships for women, for nurses, for engineers, essay scholarships and so on.

All you have to do is to visit those platforms, search any type of scholarship you wish to apply for and grab the opportunity.

Examples of scholarship finders are:


Their main objective is to relieve you of the stress of going through blogs or websites which may not give you exactly what you want.

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3. Meet the Scholarship Requirements

Each scholarship has its own requirements. Some scholarships are offered to persons from a particular region or country. Some are meant for students from other countries, some are meant for students who have certain academic grades and so on.

Some of the requirements for international scholarships are:

  • Age: this depends on the scholarship.
  • Country: some scholarships are meant for some countries and not for the whole countries of the world.
  • Academic grades: some scholarships require you to reach a minimum grade before you’ll be eligible to apply.
  • Language fluency: some international scholarships require that you learn certain languages like French, English, Dutch and so on
  • Educational qualifications: most international scholarships require you to present your educational qualifications (documents)
  • Other necessary documents: you may also be required to present documents like your National Identification Card, Driver’s license, permanent voter’s card (for countries that use it)

The most important of all are age, grades and necessary documents.

The most promising age bracket to get scholarship abroad is 18 to 35 years. Within this period one may still be within the ambit of academics and most scholarship opportunities require people within that age bracket.

It is important to note that scholarships favour, mostly, the young people. It is meant to brighten and boost the future of young scholars.

If you are not up to the required age, wait for it. It will surely come.

4. Let your academic grades speak for you

One of the most important steps is getting awesome grades. In awarding scholarships, students with good academic records are considered first before other applicants.

Recommendations from your school or guardians will also assist in creating chances for you. Yet, you need to work on your grades.

Banking good grades in your academics comes with the understanding and preparation to travel outside. You may not have good grades now but I bet you still have an opportunity to do that.

Moreso, good grades does not stop at academic scores on paper. It also involves your overall report by your institution or guardian. In other words, you are assessed both in character and in learning.

5. Apply for a scholarship opportunity

This is the most important stage.

After your researches, you have to take an action by submitting an application through any approved means (online, physical submission or through email)

Once you find a scholarship opportunity which you are eligible to apply for, simply find the application link and make your submission immediately.

The only way to register your interest on the scholarship platform is to apply. Without your application, you are automatically not going to be considered at all for scholarship.

It is important to note, at this point, that early application counts a great deal. In some scholarships, those who applied on time will be considered first because their applications are seen among the first batch. Therefore, screening will start from there.

If the number of scholarships available are limited, then late applicants may not be lucky enough to be selected.

So, in order to avoid possible hitches, submit your application on time.

Furthermore, adherence to application instructions is another important thing. Every scholarship has some instructions for applicants attached to it. Most time scholarship applicants tend to bypass those things thinking they are not necessary.

Most people don’t read introductions on scholarship pages and that may end up haunting them in the selection process.

6. Don’t Say it Late

No age is too late for you to get scholarship abroad. Even as a PhD holder, you can still gain a scholarship.

In other words, anyone can get a scholarship but young age is the prime stage for scholarships.

Prepare for examinations

Examinations may be oral or written. Your chances of getting a scholarship is highly dependent on your performance in the scholarship examination.

Examinations are also based on the type of scholarship. Most times, examination questions are based on general knowledge.

There are so many websites where you can get scholarship past questions and answers. You can get some here.

8. Be orally smart

Some scholarships call for oral interview of potential scholars. Oral interview is a way of assessing the academic and social prowess of a student.

After the the academic records are scrutinized, the scholarship host may like to verify the validity of such record by engaging applicants on oral interviews.

Conclusion: How to Get Scholarship Abroad

Getting a free scholarship to study abroad is easy if only you have all it takes to move there.

In all you do, make sure you pray to your God for success.

I hope this article helps. If you have any questions or contribution, do well to drop it in the comment section below.

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