Looking forward to studying in Canada? The BC Achievement Scholarship Program offers an opportunity for you to achieve your goal. There are many scholarship opportunities for students who have outstanding performances  in school and want to go to college or teachers who want to improve their careers.

The goal of these scholarships from the government of British Columbia, Canada, is to keep students and teachers at their best.

Students in British Columbia can get scholarships through the British Columbia Achievement Awards. In this post, we’ll talk about what this award is and how it works, as well as the eligibility criteria for students at British Columbia Schools so that they can apply if they wish.

We’ll also talk about how to apply and the different kinds of scholarship awards that British Columbia Achievement gives out.

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What is BC Excellence Scholarship and how does it work?

The BC Achievement scholarship is a scholarship for high school graduates from British Columbia who have done very well in school. Up to 8,000 students can get a British Columbia Achievement Scholarship every year.

This means that the winners come from all of the high schools in the province of British Columbia. The British Columbia Achievement scholarship is based on a small group of courses taken from 10th to 12th grade. These are the courses that are needed to graduate.

Also, electives are counted as grade courses when evaluating the requirements for graduation.

Students who qualify for the British Columbia Achievement scholarship get a $1,250 scholarship voucher that they can use and get reimbursed for by the state ministry of education and child care once they have enrolled in their designated post-secondary institution in the British Columbia province.

Or a British Columbia authorized trades training provider.  As a winner of the British Columbia Achievement scholarship, you have up to five years to use your BC achievement scholarship voucher and it cannot be made longer.

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Who Can Apply for The BC Achievement Scholarship?

  • Students in British Columbia who are enrolled in a post-secondary program at a public post-secondary school in British Columbia can get a British Columbia Achievement Award.
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have been accepted as full-time undergraduate students and have finished at least one year of their program can also apply for the awards.

The amount you could get depends on how much money you need and your personal situation, as well as how well you do in school and how often you go.

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Eligibility Requirements for British Columbia Achievement Scholarship

The Ministry of Education of British Columbia gives high school students in the province a scholarship called the British Columbia Achievement Award. This scholarship was made to recognize the achievements of students in British Columbia and to encourage them to do well in school and be good leaders. For this award, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be over 16 years old.
  2. You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident (Land immigrant). Your Land immigrant status must be on file with the grade 12 school you registered for.
  3. You have to live in the British Columbia area.
  4. You must have gone to a public school in British Columbia or be going to one right now (including distributed learning schools)
  5. You have to be eligible or have attend school during the school year for which the scholarship is given.
  6. Before you can apply for any awards, you must live in British Columbia for at least six months each year (or prove that you have attended school there during this period)
  7. Applicant must have outstanding academic record. The ministry decides which scholarships you should get based on how well you did in school as a whole.
  8. You must be eligible for the British Columbia certificate of graduation (Dogwood Diploma)
  9. You have to meet the requirements for graduation in British Columbia.
  10. You need to have one or no transfer standing (TS) or standing granted (SG) listed among your course grades. These marks will be used to meet graduation requirements, no matter how many credits the courses are worth.
  11. You need to have taken the course used to fulfill the language arts 12 graduation requirements and gotten a score of at least 75%, which is a B grade.

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How to Apply for British Columbia Scholarship – Application Process

The scholarship is given by the British government to students who merit it. Therefore, students do  not have to apply for it as the BC government will make the selection based on the criteria.

The Ministry of Education in British Columbia chooses eligible students by looking at their performances in school during the previous academic  year. They also look at how well each student did on average in their last three years of high school from grades 10, 11, and 12.

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What are the Different Types of Scholarships by British Columbia Government?

The British Columbia province offers three main types of scholarships to students of the province and another type of scholarship to teachers. These scholarships include the following:

  • British Columbia Achievement Scholarship
  • District/Authority scholarship
  • British Columbia Excellence scholarship
  • Pathway to Teacher Education Award

District/Authority scholarship

This scholarship is given to 5,500 high school graduates who did well in their chosen field of study while they were in high school. This $1,250 scholarship is given out by the Ministry of Education and Child Care, which makes sure that each student sent in by their school meets the core eligibility requirements and general requirements of the scholarship program.

The local scholarship committee decides each year how the scholarship will be given out and who will get it if they meet certain conditions.

After the committee chooses the conditional recipients, the Ministry of Education and Child Care makes sure that the chosen students meet the basic criteria for the scholarship and sends each student a $1250 scholarship voucher.

The student can take this voucher to the ministry and get their money back for any tuition they’ve already paid after the scholarship offer, as long as they are going to a school or industry authority in British Columbia that is approved for student loans.

Students must fill out an application through the district or their school to get this scholarship. Students are sent vouchers that can be used for five years. After that, the vouchers can no longer be used. You can’t get more time with the vouchers.

British Columbia Excellence Scholarship

This is a great scholarship that the province of British Columbia is giving to 55 students who are well-rounded and who have shown service and leadership at their school and in their community.

The students need to show that they are dedicated and skilled in their chosen field. Any student who graduates from high school gets the scholarship.

Students who want to apply for the scholarship must get their school to nominate them and submit their application by February 15 of the school year.

If a student is chosen for the scholarship, the Ministry of Education and Child Care will send them $5,000 worth of scholarship vouchers.

When the students turn in their vouchers for the tuition they’ve already paid at their post-secondary school, they can get their money back.

This school needs to be one of the schools chosen by the province of British Columbia for student loans, or it needs to be a program provider approved by the Industry Training Authority.

The vouchers that are sent to students are good for five years, during which time the students should have used the voucher. The vouchers have a date on them that says when they will expire, and the validity period cannot be extended.

Pathway to Teacher Education Award

This is a scholarship that is given to 20 very good high school graduates every year. Students have until February 15 of the school year to apply for the Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship.

Students who want to get this scholarship must have shown that they are committed to and good at teaching K–12 students. This scholarship is worth $5,000 and is given out by the Ministry of Education and Child Care in the form of a gift card.

If a student gets this scholarship, they can turn it in and get their tuition money back once they have started an approved K–12 teacher education program in British Columbia. If a student gets this scholarship, they have five years to use their scholarship voucher before it expires.

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See more about the requirements.

How to Use BC Achievement Scholarship Voucher

To redeem your scholarship money from the Ministry of Education and Child Care in British Columbia, you need to meet certain requirements. To use your scholarship coupon, you must do the following:

  • Make sure your scholarship(s) are still valid.
  • For a students loan, you must be enrolled in a post-secondary school that is approved by the Ministry of Education and Child Care (MECC).
  • You must have paid tuition that is equal to or more than the amount of your scholarship, which will be paid back to you.
  • Your program should be going on right now.
  • Once you’ve received your check, you’ll need to send in the documents that show you’re in your program and have paid your tuition. You can send it to the ministry either online or on paper.

Note: If you send your documents online instead of through the mail, you will get your check faster.

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Deadline for BC Excellence Scholarship

August 31 By this date, schools must have updated student records sent to the Ministry in order for eligible students to be taken into account. This means making sure that the school’s student information system marks citizens and permanent residents with a “C” indicator.
November The Student Transcripts Service is updated with the news. Students can check to see if they got the BC Achievement scholarship by logging into their account. Around this time, paper scholarship vouchers are sent to the last home address that schools have on file.

Contact Info

  • Email: scholarships@gov.bc.ca
  • Phone Number: 250-356-2443
  • Address: PO Box 9183 Stn Prov Govt
  • Victoria BC  V8W 9H9

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a scholarship from BC Achievement?

To get the British Columbia Achievement Scholarship, you have to work hard in high school, especially from 10th to 12th grade. You must also meet the main requirements for the British Columbia Achievement scholarship and the general requirements for scholarships in the province of British Columbia.

How Much is BC Excellence scholarship worth?

Students who win the British Columbia Excellence scholarship get vouchers worth $5,000 that can be used to pay for tuition at the program of their choice. This amount is given back to the student only after they have signed up for and started the program they chose.

Is the BC Achievement scholarship taxable?

No, the British Columbia Achievement Scholarship is not taxed. This is true for all British Columbia Scholarship programs in the province.

Can I spend the money I got from the British Columbia Scholarship?

You can’t cash your British Columbia Scholarship grant. Instead, the ministry of education and child care will send you the money as a reimbursement.

This is only done after the scholarship winner has enrolled in a program of their choice and shown proof to the ministry that they are enrolled and have paid their tuition fee.


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