Axie Infinity Scholarship Philippines 2024 Application

Axie Infinity Scholarship gives people in developing or low-income countries like the Philippines, where unemployment is high and jobs are hard to come by, a new way to make money.

What is Axie Infinity Scholarship

In the Philippines, an Axie Infinity Scholarship is an agreement between a person who wants to play Axie Infinity but can’t afford to buy the three Axies needed to get started and a player guild that gives Axies to its players in exchange for a cut of the player’s earnings.

For “scholars,” an Axie Infinity scholarship gives them the chance to start making a regular income from playing Axie Infinity from the comfort of their own homes in the Philippines, without having to pay any start-up costs. There are many different player guilds that players can ask for a scholarship from.

Most guilds are based around a Discord server, which is a way for people in the gaming community to talk to each other. There are many resources and channels in a guild’s Discord that help players learn about Axie Infinity, get access to resources, talk to other players, and, most importantly, get in touch with guild managers.


Requirements for Axie Infinity scholarship

In the Philippines, the requirements for getting an Axie Infinity Scholarship vary from guild to guild. Smaller guilds tend to focus on recruiting players in their own communities who they know through other people. Other guilds like Crypto Gaming United (CGU) are recruiting thousands of players with the goal of finding scholars who can play well and make a lot of money.

In larger guilds, there are assessment and screening processes that test the gaming experience, skills, and knowledge of Axie Infinity of potential scholars before letting them play the game. The goal of these guilds is not only to find players who earn money and play well, but also to build active learning communities full of people who are excited about a future decentralized digital economy. This is why it’s important to interact with the guild community on Discord and other social media platforms.

Different guilds have different rules and requirements for their Axie Infinity Scholarships, so it is important for players to find out what is needed before they join. As scholars play and earn money with their Axie Infinity Scholarships, they can take part in guild events and competitions and get training through the guild.

There are player managers in each guild. They get a cut of what their players earn and are in charge of watching over and helping their players. At CGU, player managers are serious about their jobs and especially value their ability to solve problems and give their teams chances to learn and grow.

What Happens When a Player Registers

When players in the Philippines sign up for their Axie Infinity Scholarship, they set up a cryptocurrency wallet. This is where their earnings from the game go. Payments are handled in different ways by different guilds. CGU uses a specialized labor management system (LaborX) and a cryptocurrency exchange (TimeX) to make sure that players can get paid quickly and easily. CGU’s main goal is to get people to use cryptocurrency technologies, so that students can learn the skills they’ll need to live and work in a digital economy of the future.

CGU has a team of Axie Infinity Scholarship players in the Philippines, and over the next few weeks and months, they want to offer a lot more scholarships in that country.

How to Apply for Axie Infinity Scholarship 2024

To earn an Axie Infinity Scholarship, a user must keep these essentials in mind:

  • Firstly, a user must look for managers or Axie community members who are looking for scholars. You can start searching for such communities on social media platforms such as DiscordTwitter, Reddit  as well as the CoinGecko Axie Scholarship page.
  • Next is to contact the managers and ask to become a scholar. Having an exceptional gaming experience can boost your chances of becoming a scholar.
  • Once selected, get your free Axie from Managers and begin to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a scholar earn in Axie Philippines?

Axie scholars earn about P40,000 a month. It used to be easy to get 150 SLPs every day because you could earn 100 SLPs in adventure mode and 50 SLPs more by doing the daily quest.

How much does Axie scholarship cost?

Axie Infinity offers the following: 70% goes to the scholar and 30% goes to the manager. Paid out on the 1st day of every month. At least 2,250 SLP per month.

How much can you earn in Axie Infinity Philippines?

On average, one could earn between 100 and 200 SLPs per day. When the exchange rate was much higher, around 3.5 in November 2021, that was between 300 and 700 or more per day.

How can I join Axie Infinity in the Philippines?

To get started, you must first buy 3 Axies, which will make up your starter team. As of this writing, this means that you need at least $500 to $600 (or three times the price of the cheapest Axie) to start playing. But keep in mind that’s just the minimum. Axies with good stats and cards usually cost more.

Can you play Axie without spending money?

If you want to breed, you’ll have to pay $AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) and $SLP (Slow Lop Points) (Smooth Love Potion). Each Axie is an NFT, which stands for non-fungible token. The price of an Axie goes up the better its stats and breed count are.

How do I cash out my Axie Infinity in the Philippines?

Sign in to your account on Axie. Click on “Account” and then “Claim Token.” You’ll see a pop-up message that tells you if you can claim your Smooth Love Potion or SLP from the last 14 days.

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