St. Clare’s Scholarships Application Form 2024 in USA

What is St Clare’s Scholarship Application all about and how do I apply for the program 2023/2024? Read through this article and see everything you need to know about the application process. let’s get started.

What is St. Clare’s Scholarship Application

St. Clare’s scholarship is a scholarship program designed for eligible female students who meet the scholarship requirements, and also attended any accredited college or university in the United States of America (USA). Applicants are expected to have successfully completed at least 4 semesters (1 academic year) of study at St. Clare’s Catholic High School.

St. Clare’s school is an all-girls catholic school which offers free scholarship to all qualified students. Scholarship assessment is based on the spiritual and academic prowess of each student.

St. Clare’s scholarship is open to all students from the United Kingdom (UK) and overseas (international students).

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  • The objective of St. Clare’s scholarships is to encourages both the academic and spiritual growth of the students.
  • Secondly, the scholarship is meant to enhance the spiritual and academic leadership of students including their services in the church.
  • The scholarship is also designed to provide financial support to students who, for one reason or the other, could not afford the cost of education.

In addition, St. Clare’s scholarship is merit-based. Applicant’s financial need will be considered if only he or she is selected as a finalist.

Who can Apply for St clare’s scholarship application program?

Anyone who finds interest in assisting young women, who may not otherwise have been able to afford catholic education, regardless of socio-economic, ethnicity or religious affiliation can apply for the St. Clares’s scholarship program.

The scholarship is open to all qualified students in UK and overseas. Applicant does not need to reside within the St. Clare’s Parish in order to apply. Students must meet some academic and spiritual criteria in order to qualify for this scholarship.

St. Clare’s Scholarship Eligibility Requirements – Criteria

  • You may be selected based on your academic achievements, experiences and interests.
  • Our scholarships are means-tested, so if you apply, you must be willing to disclose and prove the full income and assets of the applicant’s parents.
  • All shortlisted applicants must attend our Scholarship Day.

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How to Apply for St. clare’s scholarship application program 2023/2024

St Clare’s school offers IB Diploma scholarships to students who contribute to their dynamic learning community, academically and by experiences, achievements and interests.

To start with, applicants need to fill a form of expression of interest for scholarships and bursaries at St Clare’s, Oxford. You can find the link below.

Enter the required information and ensure all of them are correct. Also use an active email address because you will receive a feedback through the email you use to apply.

Scholarship Application Portal

Click on the link below to access the online application form and begin your application. Also visit St. Clare’s official website at

Apply Now

Contact Info

If you have any questions or inquiries, you can contact St. Clare’s scholarship team through email. The contact email is

IB Scholarship for 2024 Entry

The scholarships are offered in two phases which are:

  • Anne Dreydel Foundation Scholarship
  • Partial scholarship awards

The Anne Dreydel Foundation Scholarship is designed in remembrance of the St. Clare’s High School founder (Anne Dreydel Foundation Scholarships) in 1953. A selected number of the scholarship awards are given to scholars under this category and it runs for the full two years of the IB Diploma.

The Anne Dreydel Foundation Scholarship covers:

  • Day places: The maximum scholarship award covers the IB Diploma tuition fees.
  • Boarding places: The maximum scholarship award covers the IB tuition and residential fees.

Partial scholarship awards are designed to pay a percentage of a scholar’s academic cost and it applies for the full two years of the IB Diploma.

The Partial scholarship award covers:

  • Day places: The scholarship award covers a percentage of the IB Diploma tuition fees.
  • Boarding places: The scholarship award covers a percentage of the IB tuition and residential fees.

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St. Clare’s Scholarship Application Timelines – Opening and Closing Dates

Type of scholarship Day places Boarding places
St. Clare’s Entry year September 2023 September 2023
St. Clare’s Application Deadline 21 October 2022 20 October 2023
Scholarship Testing Day 5 November 2022 4 November 2023
Availability of offering Full and partial awards Full and partial awards

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All female students who find interest in the scholarship are called upon to grab this opportunity. Since religious background is not considered, this may be a perfect opportunity for you.

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