Fred Polischuk Memorial Scholarship Fund – Apply Now! 2023-24

The Fred Polischuk Memorial Scholarship Fund offers children of the company’s workers the opportunity to seek education from an approved post-high school institution.

About Fred Polischuk Memorial Scholarships Fund

In 2014, the Fred Polischuk Memorial Fund Scholarship was established in Fred Polischuk’s honor, who created R&S United Services. With a concentration on new hi-rise building construction and design-build construction services, R&S is a top supplier of HVAC services in New York.

Avi Polischuk, a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree holder from George Washington University, has owned R&S United Services since 2000. He donates to numerous nonprofit organizations, such as the Smile Train, in an effort to give back to the communities that have supported him. Additionally, in memory of his father, Fred Polischuk, who founded R&S United Services, Avi Polischuk established the Fred Polischuk Memorial Scholarship Fund (FPMSF).

Every day, the workers at R&S realize Fred’s aim of building some of New York City’s most iconic skyscrapers. We started the Scholarship Fund as a tribute to the founder of our business and as a way to thank the hard-working families who make it successful.


Fred Polischuk Memorial Scholarship Amount

The first round of scholarships, worth a total of $7,500, was awarded on May 30, 2014. Based on submitted resumes and essays, judges chose the beneficiaries. The scholarship’s founders stated at the time that they hoped to raise $20,000 for the following year’s distribution of monies. The foundation has been able to accomplish this goal thanks to the help of its friends and partners, and in 2015, the charity awarded $22,000 in scholarships.

Eligibility and requirements

Scholarships are only available to the kids of R&S United Services, Inc. employees in honor of the company’s founder and former president, Fred Polischuk.

How To Apply for Fred Polischuk Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarship candidates are required to submit an essay, their résumé, and a summary of their noteworthy achievements. Each year, on May 30, the day of Fred Polischuk’s birthday, winners are announced. Visit the Fred Polischuk Memorial Fund’s official website to find out more information and how to apply.

Deadline and opening date

Children of R&S employees may apply by sending in their résumés, lists of accomplishments, and an essay on a subject decided upon by the Scholarship Fund’s Directors. Every year, around Fred’s birthday on May 30th, the winners are chosen.

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