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Looking for an opportunity to the California Scholarship membership, here is an chance for you to do so. Simply go through the criteria and follow the steps on this page to apply.

What is California Scholarship Federation – CSF?

The California Scholarship Federation, Inc. is a non-profit group whose goal is to recognize and encourage middle and high school students in California to do well in school and help their communities. In middle schools and high schools across the state, there are about 1,500 chapters. Each chapter is made up of students who meet the requirements to join. A member of the staff is in charge of each chapter.

Students who can join send in applications based on the grades on their report cards. Membership lasts for one semester, and each semester, membership drives are held during times set by the State’s bylaws.

Every year, conferences are held, and students are given awards for their good grades and community service.


History of CSF

In 1916, at a meeting of high school principals in Oakland, Mr. Charles F. Seymour came up with the idea of a statewide group that would honor the best high school students. Mr. Seymour was the vice principal of National City High School in San Diego County at the time.

In 1916, he started a scholarship society at his school, based on one that was already in place at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. At that time, nothing was done about his idea.

Over the next five years, Mr. Seymour worked hard to get people to agree with his idea. Because of this, many schools across the state set up similar societies. Two of these cities, National City and San Luis Obispo, started using a seal that looked like Long Beach’s.

These were the first steps to becoming a member. In 1921, Mr. Seymour, who was now head of the Social Studies Department at Long Beach Polytechnic, asked the Principals’ Convention in San Rafael to start a scholarship society for the whole state. Even though there was a lot of opposition, Mr. Seymour’s idea won out. A few weeks later, all high school principals got an invitation to send representatives to Los Angeles on June 4 to set up this kind of organization.

Five people started working on a constitution in June, and it was finally approved on October 15. Once the California Scholarship Federation was a real thing, thirty-four schools put in applications to become charter members. Twenty-nine of these were given full status right away, and the number of chapters was decided by drawing lots. All of the chapter numbers after that have been given based on the order in which they were approved. Here is a list of the charter high schools.

Tuition Sscholarships

Starting in 1925, the CSF Board of Directors worked with a number of colleges and universities to set up a program in which tuition scholarships were set aside for CSF Life Members. A small number of colleges and universities in California and across the country still take part in the program today. Life Members of the CSF need to check with the college or university they want to attend. Over the years, a number of award programs have been set up to recognize students’ good grades and good work in the community.

California Federation Junior Scholarships

The California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) was started in 1967 to help middle school and junior high students reach high levels of scholarship, service, and citizenship. CJSF is similar to CSF in that it focuses on service to the school and community and encourages pride in academic achievement. In recent years, the California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) has grown quickly, which has made CSF much stronger.

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) | Awards

Be ready to send in nominations or applications for awards:

Here’s where you can look up your chapter number and region:

Check to see if your chapter is in good standing for Dues and Course Lists for 2021-2022 – CSF | Resources – Quicklinks.

Sign and be ready to upload the Publicity Release.

NOTE: Chapter number and region MUST be correct on all Award submissions!!! Award nominations and submissions with incorrect Region and/or Chapter number risk being disqualified.

Seymour Memorial Awards

The Seymour Memorial Awards were made to honor both Charles F. Seymour and his loving wife, Marian H. Seymour. Together, they gave the California Scholarship Federation the ideas and leadership that helped it grow. In 1936, Elizabeth Murphy (O’Neil) of Fresno High School was the first person to win the Seymour Award. She was given a $25 check. People in the state of California think that the Seymour Award is one of the best academic awards for high school students.

Requirements for Seymour Memorial Awards

  • Students must be nominated by their CSF Advisor.
  • Sealbearer status must have been earned by the end of the first semester of the Senior year.
  • Nominations starts on January 1.
  • Nomination deadline: February 18th, every year.
  • Student finalists must go to their region’s Seymour Finalists Interviews.
  • Please note the good standing and eligibility requirements for a CSF member to apply for a CSF award or for a CSF adviser to submit a candidate for each individual award.

For advisers: 4 Tips for Nominating for Seymour awards

For nominees: Writing your Personal Statement

Each year, more than $100,000 is given to a group of 50 Sealbearers who are graduating. Each spring, subcommittees of five advisers from each of the five regions choose the best Life Members (Sealbearers) from the candidates nominated by their advisers by the end of February.

Each year, 50 finalists get $2,000, and five of them (one from each region) get an extra $3,000 for being the regional winner. The award is now seen as one of the most prestigious academic awards given to high school graduates in California.


Glenn Michelson Memorial Award

In 2012, the Glenn Michelson Memorial Award was made in honor of Glenn Michelson, who had been the CSF adviser at Sequoia High School in Redwood City for 20 years and served as State President, CSF Registrar, Regional Vice-President, Historian, and Legislative Chair during his time on the Board of Directors.

He was a strong supporter of our CSF motto, which encourages people to help their communities. Glenn left money to CSF when he died, and the Board of Directors decided to hold an annual essay contest in Glenn’s honor for CSF high school seniors who are passionate about helping others.

The deadline is Glenn’s birthday, December 22.

Eligibility Criteria for Glenn Michelson Memorial Award

  • All Senior CSF members may apply.
  • Submissions will be accepted beginning: November 1st each year.
  • Application deadline: 6 pm on December 22nd every year.
  • Please note the good standing  and eligibility criteria for a CSF member to apply for a CSF award, or for a CSF adviser to submit a candidate for each individual award.

This $1,000 award is open to all seniors who are in good standing with their CSF chapter. By the middle of February, the selection committee will tell the award winner and his or her adviser.

How to Apply for California Scholarship Federation 2024

For you to apply for the CSF program, you must be nominated by your advisor.

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