How to apply for a Citizens Bank Student Loan

Citizens Bank student loans is one of the best student loan platforms out there but how do you apply for it? This and all other things you need to know shall be discussed herein. In case you need a further explanation of the given topic, we will be examining what student loan means now.

A student loan is one of the various types of loans people take to finance their education at higher institutions. A student loan is for students at the post-secondary school education level. 

Students who take loans for academic purposes are to pay back with some interest as agreed on by the lender. The interest will be determined by several factors including the duration of the loan, the amount of loan taken, and the platform’s policy.

Getting students loans from the citizens bank is not hard as all you need is to meet the requirements and submit and eligible application.

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Why Citizen Bank? 

1. You can be given a loan and have up to 15 years to repay it

Be assured this is the best form of financial assistance a student can get. Yeah, some long-term loans don’t exceed five years but here comes Citizens bank, offering a huge amount of loan for 15 years. 

2. It is not meant for students alone

Some student loans are meant for students alone but that is not the case with Citizens Bank. It is a very broad finance company.

3. It doesn’t offer loans alone 

Citizen Bank has several other features that can assist the financial lives of students, one of which includes helping students plan how to spend.

With this, Citizen Bank is one of the best finance companies you can take loans from and also invest in.

How long does it take to get a student loan from Citizens Bank?

Citizens Bank offers students loans between the first two to four weeks of the submission of their application. This is not a long time that students shouldn’t be able to wait for, however, it would be better if you apply on time. 

You should, for instance, apply for a loan once you notice that you won’t be allowed to take a forthcoming examination in school unless you make a certain payment. 

This aside, Citizens is known for her multi-year loan approval to applicants who are qualified for it.

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How to Apply for the Citizens Bank student loans

There are just four steps to apply for a Citizens Bank student loan. 

  • Complete the application (ensure you fill out the form properly) 
  • You will be notified of a credit decision (if anything is needed from you before then, you’ll be contacted) 
  • You will be asked to sign some documents along with your cosigner if any is required, before the disbursement of your loan. 

Requirements for the Application 

  • Your personal information like pay stub
  • Your school information like academic period for a loan, anticipated graduation date, etc.

Applying for a Citizens Bank student loan is a very simple process for anyone.

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Citizens Bank student loan review

Let’s compare three organizations’ reviews of this platform.

According to Forbes, a private loan intended to cater to a student’s education fees could be best taken in Citizens Bank. We also learned here that student loans could also be refinanced without a degree. This is a good review from Forbes. However, the platform has a maximum borrowing limit. 

As gathered from Investopedia, the platform offers loyalty discounts for patrons. If any, then the flaw of Citizens Bank with the review on Investopedia, is that the company lacks some tech-friendly qualities. This has no significant effect on you.

A disclosure from NerdWallet confirms the fact that Citizen loans are not only for students in the United States. On a scale of five, the overall review on NerdWallet for Citizens Bank is 4.5.

There are several other encouraging reviews of this platform, so you may want to give it a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will provide you with answers to two of the most commonly asked questions among students aspiring to secure a loan with Citizens Bank, below.

Citizens Bank Student Loan Login

You should create an account with the company before logging in. 

Click on login to sign in to your Citizens Bank student loan account directly from here. On the top right corner of the next screen, you will be shown the “Login” option. Click on the option to get signed in.

How do I Pay My Citizens Bank student loan?

One of the easiest ways to repay your outstanding loan on Citizens Bank is to deposit FirstMark services, as gathered from the platform

And in case of any complaints or inquiries, you can reach out to FirstMark at 1-888-538-7378. Repaying a loan has never been any easier with this site.

What credit score do you need for a Citizens Bank student loan?

An applicant needs a minimum of 700 credit score, but don’t worry if your credit history is thin because there is an option for you to apply with a cosigner.

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Not being able to pay for your loan without getting financial assistance is not a crime. Yes, it is fine. Simply ensure you won’t be taking a loan you will not be able to pay back as at when due. To stand a chance of repaying your loan on time, you can take some online jobs while you are in school.

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