New Zealand Scholarships will transform and improve your life. To know the reason continue reading, our students will tell you why they love studying in New Zealand on scholarship.

The whole scholarship experience from growing your mind and your career, to enjoying the peaceful New Zealand lifestyle and culture, has the possibility to shape your life in the most enriching ways.

List of Scholarships in New Zealand

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New Zealand University Scholarships

  1. University Of Auckland Scholarships
  2. Auckland University Of Technology (AUT) Scholarships
  3. University Of Waikato Scholarships
  4. Massey University Scholarships
  5. Victoria University Of Wellington Scholarships
  6. University Of Canterbury Scholarships
  7. Lincoln University Scholarships
  8. University Of Otago Scholarships

New Zealand Private Organisation Scholarships

  1. Company-funded Scholarships

​Regional Scholarships in New Zealand

  1. Northland Region Scholarships
  2. Auckland Region Scholarships
  3. Waikato Region Scholarships
  4. Bay Of Plenty Region Scholarships​​
  5. Gisborne Region Scholarships
  6. Hawke’s Bay Region Scholarships
  7. Taranaki Region Scholarships
  8. Manawatu-Wanganui Region Scholarships
  9. Wellington Region Scholarships
  10. Nelson and Tasman Region Scholarships
  11. Marlborough Region Scholarships
  12. West Coast Region Scholarships
  13. Canterbury Region Scholarships
  14. Otago Region Scholarships
  15. Southland Region Scholarships

Specific Scholarships in New Zealand

  1. Māori Education Scholarships
  2. Pacific Islander Education Scholarships
  3. Overseas University Scholarships

Guidance for Scholarship Application

In the rehearsal of our comprehensive guidance section, If you’re a teacher or researcher with guidance to share, please reach us – we value every assistance we receive.
  1. Know what’s on offer, and focus on the most appropriate options
  2. Shortlist, and make sure you are eligible for what you want to apply for
  3. Gather your data so you can efficiently finish every scholarship
  4. Make the BEST Likely Impression, Every Time
  5. Pick the Best Referees and Aim for the Best Reference
  6. List your Financial Scholarships Application
  7. BEFORE you submit, ask someone else to review your application



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